Welcome to Bio-Hack My Life

I’m Eva, a lifestyle biohacker. I’m here to share with you my vast knowledge and experience of incredibly fast and highly effective methods to drastically upgrade the heath and condition your body, mind and soul in ways that you never imagined possible. Whatever your reason for being here, be it health or beauty concerns, you will benefit from the contents of this blog, and your life will improve. Guaranteed! Isn’t that great! Herein lies hope for those like me who are desperate and impatient for change.

In these pages you will see that all of my work is based on advice from experts in this field like; Bruce Lypton, Dr. Berg, Dr. Bergman, Louise Hay, Marisa Peer…thats just to name a few. I am simply taking their advice and applying to my life. I am using myself as a guinea pig to show you that self care and self healing are totally possible. 

Follow me and I can show you how to reverse disease and aging, lose weight, improve athletic performance, fix facial features, prevent disease, cure the flu in hours, and eradicate infections and inflammation. I’m telling you folks, I have hacks for days!

Let us grow together and heal together. Bring me your woes and I’ll tell you what I would do, if I were you, to heal those things, or fix those beauty blunders which make you suffer. That is why I am here. This is my formal contribution to society; sharing with you my hacks to self care.

All this is going to blow your mind because most of the items, products, tools and techniques are 100 percent free or dirt cheap! This is exciting because I prove that health and healing are available to all, no matter your level of income. Willingness, and sometimes a paradigm shift is required to actually make healing possible. We fix all beauty blunders and wonders and unwanted features on our bodies too! The modalities we use are diverse and range from the incredibly common to the virtually unknown. Some examples are; oxygen, sunlight, water, lemons, apple cider vinegar, ketogenics, exfoliation, essential oils, herbs, macro and micronutrients, electricity, frequencies, psychology, intentionality, yoga, injections, surgery, journaling and sacred geometry… and that’s just to name a few. 

This is all to upgrade our lives, our bodies, and our environment. I will simply show you the works of the genius I follow and together we will create a database of “before and afters” based on verified testimonials. We create transformation in people with regimens and protocols designed for your specific needs from my extensive list of biohacks at our disposal.